Dinosaur tracks/Cretaceous Park

Dinosaur Tracks - Cretaceous Park

In Sucre, world´s largest collection of dinoraurus tracks has been discovered, as evidence of their existence in the place more than 70 million years ago. The cliff of Cal Orck'o, 15 minutes by car from the center of the city, records more than 12,000 footprints of at least 8 species of dinosaurs, a characteristic that makes it unique in the world. The footprint collection is composed of species such as sauropods, titanosaurs, theropods, anquilosaurs, ornithopods. It is unique in the world in terms of size, diversity and geological value

The layers that contain the tracks belong to the Late Cretaceous. Scientists Christian Meyer, Daniel Marty and Matteo Belvedere conclude in a specialized article: "Cal Orck'o provides a rare window to the diversity of dinosaurs in South America and documents individual behavior, as well as different types of locomotion (for example, lameness, detention, turn) and wide variations in the speed of locomotion. Cal Orck'o is clearly an outstanding example, not only in terms of outcrop size, number of tracks and prints, but also for conserving one of the most diverse sets of mesozoic dinosaur footprints in the world and for documenting the diversity of Gondwana dinosaurs in the world".

There is a special bus that departs from the main square at 11.00 and 15.00 every day.

Opening hours:
  • Tuesday till Friday: 09:00 a 17:00
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10:00 a 18:00
  • Visits to the tracks: 12:00 y 13:00

Only entrance to the park:

Nationals: Bs. 10
Foreigners: Bs. 30

Transport directly from the hotel to the parque and awaiting your return:

Bs. 80 individual or group of maximum of 4 persons


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