Carnival of Yesteryear in Sucre Bolivia

"Sucre is the seat of the Bolivian Carnival of Yesteryear."

In Sucre, during the weekend before the big carnival, the Carnival of Yesteryear took root. Different groups of the elderly, adults, youth and children wear their best clothes, colorful clothing, expose the rich tradition and cultural diversity and are accompanied by bands and music groups. It carries special emphasis on the colonial and republican times. There is a healthy outpouring of joy, beauty, rhymes, music (cuecas, sicuris, bailecitos, couplets, huayños and carnavalitos), dance (gangs, ballets, comparsas) and ceremonies (compadrazgos, comadrazgos and carriage rides). And the public escorts with choruses and dances as the groups pass by, responding to the exchange of candies, flowers and scented shells.

In the 20 years of its existence, this feast has grown and greatly increased the quality of its performances. It is distinguished by its interaction with the public, with its Creole mischief. Fraternities from other cities and rural villages participate, giving it an integrating and highly representative character of Bolivian history and actuality.

Make your plans now to attend and participate next year!