Hat and chocolate factories

Hat and chocolate factories

Sucre has some traditional and emblematic industries, among which stand out hats and chocolate. About the history of chocolate we have written a small article that you can find in the following link: Read more about chocolate in Sucre.

It is possible to visit the factories, as well as to make direct purchases. Factories have special sampling and museum areas and are 10 minutes taxi-drive from the hotel. At your request, we can make the previous appointment and/or arrange your transfer by taxi, which awaits you at the place.

  • Hat factory 'Sucre': 8:00 – 11:00 am
  • Chocolate factory 'Para Ti': 8:50 - 12:10 am and 14:50 - 18:10 pm

Visits only by appointment.


Only entrance and guide:

Hat factory 'Sucre': Bs. 10

Chocolate factory 'Para Tí': Bs. 25

Transport direct from the hotel with awaiting for you at the place:

Bs. 60 per individual or group of maximum 4 people


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