Cafeteria Coffee Bike - in Hotel Villa Antigua

The cafeteria Coffee Bike

Cafeteria Coffee Bike en Hotel Villa Antigua, Sucre Bolivia

In June 2022, Hotel Villa Antigua opened its facilities for the cafeteria and roastery of Coffee Bike. This company is run by the young entrepreneur Fernando Arnez, an enthusiastic coffee expert, convinced that Sucre deserves a good cup of coffee. As its name indicates, he started the business from an adapted bicycle, which is still recalled in the rich interior decoration of the premises and in the 10% discount that every customer who comes by bicycle receives.

Patio de Coffee Bike en Hotel Villa Antigua, Sucre

The cafeteria is an additional service for hotel guests, while it is also highly requested by other visitors to Sucre and by its residents. We share the hotel patio, which, due to its greenery, flowers and fountain, surrounded by galleries, pillars and the colonial-republican style building, is an attraction in itself. Coffee Bike's menu obviously offers a wide variety of coffees, prepared in various ways, hot or cold. Completed with different teas and natural juices and if you want to accompany the drink with something more solid, there are paninis, bagels, pastries, toasties, pancakes and salads. Also, you can choose different breakfasts and alcoholic beverages.

La tostadora de café con su propietario Fernando Arnez

With pleasure, Fernando will show you the process of cherry roasting, grain grinding, until the extraction of aromas and flavors to suit each one, all explained with skill and dedication and complying with the international standards of the Specialty Coffee Association.

Pedaling with force, Coffee Bike has arrived at the hotel to stay, and at the same time continuing its coffee journey towards new business horizons. Everything for the enjoyment of the coffee lovers.