Indigenous culture

Indigenous culture

Sucre lies in the middle of the areas of several pre-Inca cultures, being the closests the Yampara and the Jalq'a. Their presence in today city life is very visible. To learn more about these cultures, there are different options. In the city of Sucre: ASUR Museum of Jalq'a and Tarabuco textiles; Colonial Museum Charcas; Inca Pallay Indigenous Association store.

Outside the city: Sunday Fair of Tarabuco, with lunch and typical dances; visit to communities of Yampara or Jalq'a, to know their traditional life with agriculture, textiles, food; or to rural towns of Yotala or Potolo. There is also the possibility of visiting old haciendas.

With specialized guide available.

Time: from half a day in the city to 1 or 2 days outside of Sucre.

Prices: from US $ 50 per person for tours outside the city.


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