City Tour

City Tour

In 1991 Sucre was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for being an excellent, intact and well-preserved illustration of the architectural synergy between local traditions and styles imported from Europe, especially Spanish and French. The city has more than 100 national monuments, used as public and private buildings. The churches, the abundant residences of the colonial days, the narrow streets and the white facades show the historical and cultural past of Sucre.

The tours on foot or by car show you this historical richness and include several of the following places: Casa de la Libertad (House of Liberty); Metropolitan Cathedral; San Francisco Xavier University, the third oldest university in the Americas; La Recoleta; Convents of Santa Clara, Santa Teresa and San Felipe de Neri; the Santa Ana neighborhood with its colonial alleys of Los Gatos; Central Market; Churches of San Lázaro, San Miguel and San Francisco; ASUR Museum of textiles, Museum Charcas with exhibitions of religious art, archeology and anthropology, and the Museum of Treasury on the art of stones; General Cemetery; Main Square 25 de Mayo; Bolivar Park; La Glorieta Palace (photo) and many other sites.

The tours are with a specialized guide.

Duration: from half a day to several days.

Prices: from 50 Bs. per person.


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