Heritage Facade

Heritage facade: Preserving the architectural heritage

Heritage facade: Preserving the architectural heritage

The publication "Conservando nuestro patrimonio. Manual para la conservación del patrimonio arquitectónico habitacional de Sucre" includes the work done on the facade of Hotel Villa Antigua, as an example of a successful intervention that enhances the beauty of the historic city center. Here the references in the book:

This is the pre-renovation hotel facade. You can see the intermediate windows and the garage door, which distort the overall structure. Electric and telephone cables are hanging on the wall.

With the hotel's renovation, the hollows of the new windows were sealed, the garage door converted in a smaller door and in symmetry with the others. The cables were built into the wall. New forged iron bars on the doors of the ground floor were integrated.

The complete text in the book:
"Realized interventions:

  • Removal of additives: On the ground floor the holes of new windows were sealed and the electricity cables hidden.
  • Consolidation: The walls of adobe were reinforced, the humidities eliminated and the detached plastered repaired.
  • Reintegration: The architectural unity was restored, reconstructing the original dimensions of the doors and restoring wood works and wrought iron pieces.
  • Integration: New wrought iron grilles were implemented to provide security to the ground floor doors, using a "modern" version of the balcony grilles.

Note that this intervention left the building as if it were new, recovering all its originality, and there was no need to transform or destroy it."