Mountain bike, motorcycle, quad

Mountain bike, off-the-road motorcycle and quad tours

The mountain bike, motorcycle and quad tours take you to the surroundings of Sucre, characterized by the pure Andean nature, dirt roads, guaranteed adventure.

For motorcycle and quad bike tours we work with the company Off Road Bolivia, with 8 years of experience in adventure tours. They have equipment from well-known brands such as Honda and Yamaha, as well as the most qualified personnel, fluent in Spanish, English, German and Dutch, mechanics on the road and first aid.

Provided tours and services with motorcycle and quad

Quad Tour half a day

  • Route: Sucre – Cordillera Frailes with viewpoint at 3100 metres above sea level.
  • Distance: 35 kms.  100% dirt road .
  • Departure: Everyday 10.00 am or 14.00 pm.
  • Duration: Aprox. 4 houres including 20 minutes training at the beginning.
  • Number of participants: between 2 and 5 persons.
  • Prices: from Bs. 500 per person.

Motorcycle Tour half a day

  • Route: Sucre – Yotala - Cordillera Frailes.
  • Distance: 65 kms. 100% dirt road.
  • Departure: Every day 10.00 am or 14.00 pm.
  • Number of participants: from 2 persons.
  • Prices: 850 Bs per person.

Motorcycle Tour full day

  • Route: Sucre – Chataquila - Crater of Maragua - Opisbo mountain.
  • Distance: 135 kms. mainly dirt road.
  • Duration: 7 hours.
  • Departure: Everyday 09:30 am.
  • Number of participants: From 1 person.
  • Prices: 1320 Bs per person.

Motorcycle lessons

  • Place: Open field outside Sucre. 100 % practice.
  • Duration: Half a day.
  • Departure: Everyday 09.30 am o 14:00 am.
  • Number of participants: from 1 person.
  • Precios: 650 Bs per person.
Route guidance (for people that come with their own motorcycle)

Single guide service rates don't include motorcycle or participant equipment. Up to 4 participants per guide; from the fifth a second guide is added with the corresponding rate, according to the table.

Guidance cost per tour1 pax2 pax3 pax4 pax
Half a day420 Bs.465 Bs.510 Bs.555 Bs
Full day715 Bs.765 Bs.810 Bs.850 Bs.
Requisites for participants
  • Fotocopy of passport
  • Fotocopy of driver licence
  • Personal insurrance policy
  • Read, fill out and sign responsibility form
  • Before departure of the tour, leave 50 US$ or equivalente in local currency as a security deposit, which will be reimbursed at the end of the tour without accidents.
Vehicles used by Off Road Bolivia
  • 5 quads: Honda 420cc ranger, 250cc fourtrax, 450cc yamaha wolverine. Years 2007 to 2016.
  • 3 motorcycles: Yamaha ag 200cc, Honda xr 250cc, Honda xr 150cc. Years 2008 to 2016.
Initial training
  • Every tour includes a maximum training of 20 minutes in the field, before departure, for the security of the participants.
  • Roundtrip transportation from the office to the departure point is included.
Protection equipment
  • For the tours on motorcycle and quad En los tours de motos y cuatriciclos body protectors, gloves and helmets are included. (FOX, THOR)

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