El Palmar Natural Area

El Palmar Natural Park

El Palmar is famous for the existence of a forest of endemic palms (Parajubaea torallyi), the only one in the world that produces the janchicoco, fruits with the size of an almond. The area is part of the eastern Andean mountain range and has mountainous rainforest and semi-arid valleys. The protected area covers 600 km2 and is habitat for the Andean bear (jucumari) and mountain puma.

The park is in the municipality of Presto, at a distance of almost 3 hours by vehicle from Sucre, passing through traditional villages and typical Andean landscapes. In the park, you can hike observing biodiversity, especially the janchicoco palm, bathe in pools of the El Palmar river, and visit petroglyphs or pre-Hispanic chullpares, condors in their natural habitat, among others.

There is the possibility of staying in the park in a hostel or camping in the community of El Palmar or in the nearby town of Presto.

Tours are organized by the park administration, but it is also possible to have private arrangements.


Prices of the entrance to the park and guide:

Nationals: Bs. 30

Foreigners: Bs. 100

With transport from Sucre, entrance and guide:

From Bs. 150 per person for groups from 10 participants.

Accommodation and food:

From Bs. 35 per person

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, between Bs. 15 and Bs. 25


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